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Sino Rarechem Labs.Co.,Limited

Company Type: Leading producer
Sino Rarechem Labs Co.Ltd (one of the leading supplier of building blocks in China ) specialize in manufacturing ,supplying ,and custom synstheis latest chemicals, rare and hard to find chemicals, in China for worldwide.Our products cover IVD raw materials,pharmaceutical intermediates,and building blocks.

We have two R&D center both in Suzhou and Nanjing. The R&D Center owns labs with2500m2 Production Base.And excellent staff, advanced equipments and instruments, strict quality management system enhance our competitiveness.The labs are equipped with experimental apparatus for all developing scales.For decedes of experience ,Sino rarechem labs has accumulated a huge network in the Chinese market.

Our mission is to serve each client promptly with cost-effective solutions customized to individual requests, along with on-time delivery of our consistently high quality products.

Address Sino Rarechem Labs.Co.,Limited
Dongwu nan Road No.125
Wuzhong District, Suzhou 215168, P.R.China
Phone +86-512-62857507
Fax +86-512-62857507
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