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Shanghai Immense Chemical Technolog Co.,Ltd

Company Type: Producer
About us:Shanghai Immense Chemical Technology Company lies in Yangpu, Shanghai. It is a limited liability company with research and development, production, sales, and trade; and it mainly produces medicine intermediate, dyestuff intermediate, and deputizes to sale vitamins, amino acid, feed additives, food additives, industrial chemicals, etc. imported and domestic; and it also sales laboratory instruments, biochemical reagent as a sideline.
Shanghai Immense Chemical Technology Company has extensive and close relations of cooperation with many universities in East China and Tianjin area under its strong technique and high quality. We will constantly update our concepts, innovative and enterprising, adhering to our consistent attitude and the operating principle of good faith, to provide products and services for customers. It established a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and became their dealer in Shanghai and other cities in East China. It is strong, trustworthy, based in shanghai, and radiated to the whole country. We can ensure the quality of our products. With the character of diversification and the principle of small profits, we have won the trust of the customers, and enjoy high reputation in the domestic and foreign customers. We will use the standard, efficient management and occupation of the management team, to create outstanding achievements, and to make contribution to social progress.
Let us build a broader world with wisdom and confidence, and benefit each other, cooperate sincerely, to achieve common development. Corporate cultures: be loyalty in business, be dedicated in work. Enterprise values: the customer is our forever partner. Company vision: we’re going to be providing solutions, products, technical service and other suppliers, to improve our service market customer’s benefits.
Shanghai Immense Chemical Technolog Co.,Ltd offers 115 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address Shanghai Immense Chemical Technolog Co.,Ltd
Room 509, Block B, 133 World Square, Shiguang Road 635
Yangpu District, Shanghai, P.R.China
Phone +86-21-65888969
Fax +86-21-65888969-8006
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Sales contact David Liu
Homepage www.imchem.com

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