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AminoLogics Co., Ltd.

AminoLogics is a Korean company specialized in the manufacture of chiral unnatural amino acids and amino alcohols. Its innovative technology, the so called ARCA (Alanine Racemase Chiral Analogue) technology, allows the conversion of L- aminoacids/amino alcohols into their D-enantiomers and vice versa as well as the resolution of racemic mixtures in a simple and economical way compared to traditional methods . This new technology allows to produce a wide range of chiral amino acids and amino alcohols and AminoLogics offers its specific expertise for the development and production of such chiral compounds from lab scale to industrial quantities.

Address AminoLogics Co., Ltd.
968-6 Daechi-Dong, Kangnam-Gu
Seoul, Korea
Phone +82 2 761 4570
Fax +82 2 761 4573
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