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Adobaser is a marketing and sales company established at the end of 2018 in order to supply raw materials such as barite, titan, calcite, talc, etc. to the paint and plastic industry, along with the industrial barite produced by Başer Mining.


Barite (BaSO4) Products

We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and outstanding service, with world-renowned barite deposits, the latest machining methods, and our flawless expertise that adds value to our wide range of industries.

Using cumulative technical improvement and strategically established manufacturing / shipping point, the company has expanded its product range in barite production used in various industries with superior quality, sustainable perfect service and timely delivery.

Micronized Barite

Our facility has the capacity to meet the demands of domestic and foreign customers for the final micronized barite product in any size, package and white / non-white color.

Micronized Barite Product Features

High Purity and Density, Flawless Shine, Fine Particle Size, Low Oil Absorption, Superior Chemical and X-Ray Resistance, Low Resolution, Chemical Inertness.

Address Adobaser
Molla Yusuf Mahallesi no 49
Antalya, Turkey
Phone +90 242 227 49 90
Fax +90 242 227 49 91

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