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PHPchem s.r.o.

PHPchem Ltd. is company which was established in 2006, located in Czech Republic near to the Prague.
We are focus on preparation of chemical specialities according to customer requierements. We can offer you organic synthesis with R&D, preparation of laboratory samples, calculation of production costs, production of chemicals.
For production of chemicals we are using laboratory equipments and plant apparatures with capacity from 0,1g till 100kg including preparative chromatography using for distereoisomers separation. Our R&D department is ready to apply new methods, reactions and processes to achive maximum production efficiency (nonsolvent reactions, microwave reactions, special catalysts)‏.
We have very close cooperation with Czech scientists (Institute of Chemical Technology Prague, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic). We are providing servises for scientists including development of organic synthesis, preparation of chemicals and chemical analyses.
We are producing calixarenes and their derivatives, intermediates of prostaglandins, growing hormones, polymers, steroids and other.

Address PHPchem s.r.o.
Hardebni 269
Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
Phone +420 724 339 288
Fax +420 327 514 535
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