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Suzhou Vosun Biotech Co.,Ltd

Company Type: Supplier
Suzhou Vosun Biotech Co.,Ltd is an enterprise integrated research,development,production and marketing of Coupling Reagents,Boronic acids,Heterocycle series,Photolectric materials,Benzene ring series,Noble metals, it is committed to integrating drug R&D and production resources to provide better products and services for global customers. We are the main supplier of many international pharmaceutical companies with the APIs and intermediates,besides,we have established good cooperative relations with many world-renowned pharmaceutical and chemical companies .

Vosun has a group of R&D engineers with high education, rich experiences and dynamic. With our senior R&D engineers and perfect R&D system, we can quickly response customers’ requests(Custom Synthesis). We strictly invest over 10% of the sales revenue in the research and development of new products. We keep continuously pursuing of the new technologies and new fields to ensure our products always possessing leading position.

We believe that the win-win situation can be only achieved by continually improving our services to meet customers' expectations and to assist our customers maximizing their values.
Suzhou Vosun Biotech Co.,Ltd offers 12909 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address Suzhou Vosun Biotech Co.,Ltd
No.1998,South Jinfeng Road
Suzhou City 215101, P.R.China
Phone +86-512-66566131
Fax +86-512-82177265
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Sales contact John Li
Homepage www.vosunbio.com

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