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UkrOrgSynthesis Ltd. (Ukrorgsyntez Ltd. (UORSY))

Ukrorgsyntez Ltd. (UORSY) is a leading supplier of building blocks and compounds for high-throughput screening.

The company was founded in 2001. Presently we employ 60 chemists of which 20 hold PhD degree in organic chemistry.

UORSY’s lab and office space occupy a total area of 1,500 square meters. Our chemists work in fully equipped laboratories. There is the instrumentation needed to perform synthetic experiments of any complexity and assure proper quality control of the prepared compounds.

Presently we offer about 3,600,000 structures of Tangible Building Blocks. 1,500,000 original and unique compounds for high-throughput screening are available.

Address UkrOrgSynthesis Ltd. (Ukrorgsyntez Ltd. (UORSY))
Schorsa Street, 29
Kiev 01133, Ukraine
Phone +38 044 531 94 97
Fax +38 044 531 94 97
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