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Organo Fine Chemicals

Company Type: Producer
We are a fine chemical producer based at Mumbai, having a Multipurpose Production Plant situated at Tarapur in Mumbai.

Our product range:
- Organic Intermediates
- Analytical Reagents
- Phase Transfer Catalysts
- Ion Pair Reagents
- Peptide Synthesis Reagents
- Acetylenic compounds

We offer opportunities for custom synthesis and contract manufacturing. Our reactor scale is 50-8000 L
Organo Fine Chemicals offers 203 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address Organo Fine Chemicals
Anand Bhuvan, Princess Street
Mumbai 400 002, India
Phone +91-22-4212 8300
Fax +91-22-4212 8322
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Sales contact Mr Sachin Agrawal
Homepage www.organo.in

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