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Fermentek Ltd.

Your partner of choice for natural fine biochemicals and mycotoxins

FERMENTEK Ltd. is an established biotechnology company located in Jerusalem, Israel specializing in the research, development and production of fine biochemicals produced and extracted from microorganisms and plants. Our manufacturing facility includes 20, 100, 300, 1500 and 15,000 liter fermentors. More than 150 products are produced and marketed directly by FERMENTEK and through resellers and distributors worldwide.
FERMENTEK is a global leader in the production of mycotoxin calibrants that serve as standard reference materials for calibration and validation of analytical detection equipment.

The main end-users of FERMENTEK's products are researchers in life science laboratories in universities and research institutes, food safety analytical laboratories and bio-pharmaceutical companies. Several biopharmaceutical companies have selected FERMENTEK as their supplier of specific biopharmaceuticals for their R&D pipeline.
The company is dedicated to the production of a wide variety of small molecule compounds, and other natural products of the highest quality. FERMENTEK is ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and has been qualified as GMP Q7A compliant. Quality assurance is regularly updated to state of the art requirements.
FERMENTEK's staff consists of microbiologists, biotechnologists and chemists who are constantly screening the research literature for opportunities to develop innovative production processes of promising drug candidates, Mycotoxins and biochemicals at affordable prices. The staff is dedicated to ensure high quality, customer satisfaction and rapid supply of our high standard products.

Address Fermentek Ltd.
4 Yaziv st., POB 47120
Jerusalem 97800, Israel
Phone +972 (2) 5853953
Fax +972 (2) 5853943
Sales contact Mr Maksim Gur

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