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Skyline Chemical Corp.

Company Type: Producer
Skyline Chemical Corporation is a manufacturer, distributor and worldwide exporter of various inorganic, organic, specialty chemicals and metal powders for use in several applications:

• Abrasives
• Alloying
• Aquarium salt
• Bath salt
• Biological Buffers
• Catalysts
• Concrete Treatment
• De-icing
• Demilitarization
• Dental Alginate
• Die-Casting
• Effervescent Tablets
• Fertilizers
• Fireworks
• Flame Retardants
• Float Tanks
• Fluxes
• Foundry
• Glass
• Grain Refining
• Master Alloys
• Metal treating
• Paints
• Plant Nutrients
• Polymerization Catalyst
• Pyrotechnics
• Roofing Shingles
• Salt Bath Heat Treating
• Soldering and Welding
• Trial Burns
• Water Treatment

We procure the highest quality raw materials from qualified and reputable suppliers throughout the world. The quality of our products is closely monitored and controlled from the starting raw materials, through various stages of production and up to the final inspection of the finished products. Our products exceed international quality standards and are used regularly by highly quality-conscious customers for many critical and sophisticated applications.

Skyline Chemical is a manufacturer and worldwide exporter of Magnesium Chloride Anhydrous.

High quality standards, excellent customer service, timely deliveries and competitive pricing is our company mission and our simple philosophy.

We stock large inventory in our warehouses to provide prompt shipments to our network of worldwide distributors and customers.
Skyline Chemical Corp. offers 66 chemical products. You can view the product list
This supplier offers some additonal services as well.
Custom manufacturing
Services available: Custom Blending (Powders), Grinding/Crushing, Screening/Size Classification,Custom Packaging

Address Skyline Chemical Corp.
P.O. Box 53663
Irvine, California, USA
Phone +1-714-290-8866
Fax +1-949-653-5836
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Homepage www.skylinechemical.com

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