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Tianjin YR Chemspec Technology Co.,Ltd.

Company Type: Producer
Y & R, registrated in Tianjin Free Trade Zone(FTZ),the company is re-organized from Kingchem International Ltd which firstly set up in 2012.We are engaged in the production and distribution a broad range portfolio of specialty,raw materials,
additives,intermediates and solvents for the global cosmetic/personal care,
pharmaceutical,food,H&I and other Hi-Tech industries.

We are always dedicated in state-of-the-art manufacturing,distributing,sourcing high quality products,providing 7*24hrs response and service.Our team is committed to support our global partners with professional knowledges.Our mission is to help all of our partners to get exceptional products for using in their formulations,and keep assure all ingredients/raw materials are safe,healthy,stable supplying with competitive price and on time service.

Over the past years development,Y & R is becoming one of the reliable sources in the world for variety ingredients and chemical raw materials.We are focused on the manufacturing and supplying of Vitamins,PVP Polymers and Pyrrolidone based solvents/intermediates ,Polyquaterniums,PVM/MA Copolymers,Acrylates Copolymers,Kojic Acid,Kojic Acid dipalmite and etc. Our current market network is expanding to N/S America,Europe,Oceania,Africa,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa and worldwide.

Y & R isn’t just a ingredients/raw materials supplier,we are your loyal partner.We not only deliver products,but with our reputation,promise,service,added value.To help our partners save the paying on costs,time and reduce the risks to consider any new suppliers,we can well provide a package products service or sourcing service.

Transparency,Trust,Sharing,Cooperation are our stable working way with our global partners,we are always seeking for ‘Mutural Trust & Sharing,Mutual Cooperation & Benefits’,and we are doing our efforts to deliver exceptional products,service to our partners.

Tianjin YR Chemspec Technology Co.,Ltd. offers 154 chemical products. You can view the product list
This supplier offers some additonal services as well.
Import and Export
We export specialty chemical raw materials worldwide.
Sourcing and Indenting
We serve as a sourcing specialist by developing relationships with international chemical buyers.

Address Tianjin YR Chemspec Technology Co.,Ltd.
908,Changqing Building, Weishan-Nan Road, Jinnan District
Tianjin, 300350, P.R.China
Phone +86-22-27607566
Fax +86-22-27607566
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Sales contact Heming Han
Homepage www.yrchemspec.com

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