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Company Type: Leading producer
Hascor International Group starts activities in The Netherlands back in 1993, producing and distributing, ferroalloys and metals, with the purpose of satisfying our clients demand around the world.

As a result of the Group’s expansion and the increasing domestic, and international demand, a sister company is created in 2002; Hascor Metals, SA de CV. The new company is mainly founded to produce, distribute, and commercialize different powders, ferroalloys and metals. The creation of the company is regarded as a necessary action to obtain finished products meeting the highest quality standards, and able to compete worldwide. Hascor Metals focuses on two important concepts; firstly, quality, an asset the company has owned for many years, and secondly, service, a practice which has ensured 100% customer satisfaction, for more than 10 years, today.

Widely experienced technicians in the Metallurgy field support our operations, ensuring efficient and consistent production lines. What is more, Hascor Metals has set up a department specialized in Metallurgy, aiming to provide our customers with all the necessary technical support in their processes.

Hascor Metals SA de CV owns offices, plants, and warehouses, strategically located in different parts of the world; allowing the company to serve our customer with the highest quality products and just-in-time service.
Hascor Metals SA de CV offers 31 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address Hascor Metals SA de CV
Priv. Arnulfo S. Garza No 140
Monterrey, Mexico
Phone +528183781150
Fax +528183782150
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