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Shanghai Rory Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Company Type: Producer
Shanghai Rory Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is situated in the city of Shanghai. Simultaneity developed its production base in Zhang Dian Liang Industry Garden, Shandong Province. With full types of testing and quality control apparatus, strict administration rules and the perfect quality control system we can provide high quality chemical from kgs to tons. Rory chemicals producing base are according with the standard of the ISO9002 certification quality system.

Our Quality Control equipment includs
- 1 High performance liquid chromatography Agilent 1100
- 2 Gas chromatography Agilent 6890
- 3 balance METTLER TOLEDO AG204
- 4 MP instrument YRT-3

Our are good in the following reaction:
Nitrificaton; Oxidation; Chlorination; Condensation; Hydrogenation Pressure reaction(<100atm)

We holding the aim of "clients first, quality first and credit first" will keep feeding back the society and developing market home and abroad. We would try our best to cooperate with old and new clients for a brighter future....
Shanghai Rory Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. offers 16 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address Shanghai Rory Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Pudong Avenue 3040 Building 1 Room 1205
Shanghai, P.R.China
Phone +86-21-50702305
Fax +86-21-50704994
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Sales contact Mr William
Homepage www.rorychem.com

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