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FAR Chemical

Company Type: Bulk chemical producer
Since 1983 FAR Chemical's headquarters, development labs and production facility have been located in Palm Bay, Florida. FAR Chemical produces pharmaceutical reagents and intermediates. A variety of organic catalysts are synthesized for polymer manufacturers. Cyanate ester pre-polymers are supplied to the structural composite industry. FAR Chemical furnishes the electronics market with materials used as strippers, etchants, polishing compounds and additives for high density data transmission wires. Our products are also used by fragrance, cosmetic and imaging companies. For custom work FAR Chemical can scale up a client's process or will develop a route to the desired compound. Our Palm Bay site is ISO 9001 certified


  • A core of 50-2000 gallon glass lined and stainless steel reactors may be configured to handle the most difficult syntheses.

  • Purifications may be carried out via stainless steel or ceramic packed fractionation units. Single plate wiped and thin film evaporators are at the ready.
  • Alloy steel centrifuges, pressure nutsches, and sparkler filter presses are available for solid/liquid separations.
  • Drying of solid products is done in either double cone rotary dryers or vacuum tray dryers.

This supplier offers some additonal services as well.
Custom manufacturing
Check with us, we can make your compound - fine organic chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates.

Address FAR Chemical
2210 Wilhelmina Court, NE
Palm Bay, FL, USA
Phone +1 321-723-6160
Fax +1 321-723-8753
Sales contact Ms Laura Svendsen

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