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Zentiva A.S.

Zentiva is a leading CEE pharmaceutical company engaged in the development, marketing and sales of the wide range of finished dosage formulations and generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Our sales reached 340 mio EUR. Number of employees 3000. Zentiva has been established in 2003 by merger of Léciva and Slovakofarma, the former leading companies in Czech and Slovak Republic. Zentiva's API division develops and manufactures modern products on time, in requested quality and at competitive cost conditions. Major products: Na alendronate, Atorvastatin, Carvedilol, Celiprolol, Clopidogrel, Doxazosin, Fentanyl, Glimepiride, Lorazepam, Losartan, Methadone, Metoprolol, Morphine alkaloids, Pentoxiphyline, Pethidine, Rivastigmine, Sibutramine, Simvastatine, Tamsulosin, Terbinafine, Tramadol, Zaleplon, Zolpidem and others.

Address Zentiva A.S.
U Kabelovny 130
Prague 10, 102 37, Czech Republic
Phone +420 267 241 111
Fax +420 272 702 402
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