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Lek D.D. (A New Sandoz Company)

Lek is after the successful integration acting as a new Sanodz company. Sandoz is further consolidating and intensifying the company presence in the global APIs and pharmaceutical market. Our main focus is on increasing and strengthening innovation in new products and new process technologies, including organic synthesis and biosynthesis. We are leading producers of ANTIBIOTICS (penicillins including clavulanic and sulbactam blends, cefalosporins, macrolid, vancomycin, gentamicin) and NON-ANTIBIOTICS (statins, ACE-inhibitors (lisinopril), anti-ulcerants (omeprazole, cimetidine), Ca-antagonist (amlodipin)) and a number of other products including thyronines and pancreatin. We offer a product range from fermentation stage to intermediates, from APIs to FDFs, including exclusive contract manufacturing.

Address Lek D.D. (A New Sandoz Company)
Verovskova 57
Ljubljana, 1526, Slovenia
Phone +386 1 580 2111
Fax +386 1 568 3517
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