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Kraeber & Co GmbH

Company Type: Leading producer
Kraeber & Co GmbH is a family owned, independent, technology based enterprise founded 1980. We are producers of niche products used in the pharmacy, biotechnology, cosmetic and nutraceutical industries.

We hold permissions for pharmaceutical,food and feed production and handling of animal by-products. We have GMP, GDP and ISO certifications.

We supply synthetic chemicals, organic, biologic and biotechnology based ingredients. We are the main European producer of Animal Blood Fractions.

Kraeber & Co is also a competent partner in Contract Manufacturing.
Reliability, fairness and responsibility have a high value in the relationship with our partners and customers. Our high quality standards, our experience from 40 years activities, our competent and highly motivated employees guarantee competent and effective development of production methods and continuous supplies later on.

Our main competence is the fractionation, separation and filtration of animal blood and other biological substances.
We are using:
Sterile, ultra- and pre-filtration, extraction, separation, purification, centrifugation, pH-treatment, heat-inactivation also in large batches. We can arrange Gamma-radiation for you.
Kraeber & Co GmbH offers 77 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address Kraeber & Co GmbH
Waldhofstr. 14
25474 Ellerbek, Germany
Phone +49-4101-3053-0
Fax +49-4101-3053-90
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Homepage www.kraeber.de

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