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Insight Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.

InSight Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. is a fully-integrated biotech company focusing on the discovery, development and marketing of innovative biopharmaceuticals and biogenerics. InSight has important scientific discoveries and strong intellectual property. The company develops novel drugs and diagnostics in the field of cancer, inflammation, wound healing, tissue transplantation and additional therapeutic areas. Parallel to InSight's intensive ethical activity the company has established strategic alliances and developed technologies for manufacturing a wide portfolio of recombinant protein-based generic biopharmaceuticals (biogenerics), which have been successfully commercialized. InSight is further seeking to establish strategic alliances for the commercialization of its biogeneric technologies and ethical biopharmaceuticals.

Address Insight Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.
POB 2128, Rabin Science Park
Rehovot, 76121, Israel
Phone +972 8 9463032 ext 202
Fax +972 8 9461042
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Homepage www.insight.co.il

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