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IBIS Chemie International

Company Type: Leading producer
Maker and exporter since 1982 from India of API's,pharmaceutical intermediates and pigment intermediates. Most of our items have enduse in pharmaceuticals,API's,flavour/fragrance enduse,textiles, etc.

For over 34 yrs, Ibis has been building our reputation as a leading maker and exporter of chemicals from India. The cornerstone of our reputation is integrity. Our integrity is our greatest strength. It is our balance sheet, it defines us to ourselves, our customers and to the world. Whatever current of future strategies we pursue and whatever future business we develop, these will all depend on the universal acknowledgement of Ibis being an honest and trustworthy partner. Whatever the problem, we will take our unique products and expertise anywhere in the world, at any time, to give you what you need.
Our company aims to add value to enable clients to operate in a simpler, more efficient, more cost-effective and secure way in every business sector. We aim to be your business "partner" devising solutions for all customers distribution needs by combining our core competencies to create new products and services.

We are proud of our hard-earned reputation as supply-chain specialists. Our expertise in supply chain management allows our customers to buy products from difficult, far-flung supply points as if they were buying from a local distributor.Our customers rely on us 100% for on-time delivery and consistent quality.Let us solve your supply-chain problems.

Our integrity, reputation and commitment is second to none. Consistency, speed, quality, expertise, precision-these are the things our customers have come to expect from Ibis Chemie.
Noone responds better to the global needs of the markertplace better than Ibis Chemie. In the specialised field of chemicals Ibis Chemie stands for speed and responsiveness. Unmatched supply chain and distribution facilities to assure you receive the chemicals you need when you need them. Plus talented people who know the industry inside out. Quality, technology, expertise, precision and reliability. These are the things our customers have come to expect from us.

We are especially proud of the partnerships we have developed with our client base,this base is diverse but the objective is not:-to provide our customers with the best quality chemicals in a stress-free manner so that you can meet the increasing demanding needs of your customers.Our central philosophy is to put the customer at the heart of our business.

We look forward to yr response and the opportunity to serve the requirements of yr esteemed corporation.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and a One Star Export House.

IBIS Chemie International offers 752 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address IBIS Chemie International
211 Dalmal Chambers, New Marine Lines
Mumbai 400020, India
Phone +91 22-22001993 / 22093813
Fax +91 22-22088450
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Sales contact Mr SPShah
Homepage www.ibischemie.com

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