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Noah Technologies

Company Type: Producer
Noah Technologies is a manufacturer of high purity and high technology chemicals for research and production including Inorganics, Reagents, Alkoxides, Rare Earth, Ceramics, Intermetallics, Custom Synthesis, Metals, Evaporation Materials and Metal Salts. Noah is certified by Underwriters Laboratory to ISO 9001:2000. All material is produced under strict quality control under this quality assurance system.

The most modern methods of production and analysis are used. The chemicals and metals are available in various purities and particle sizes and can be supplied in laboratory and/or bulk quantities. We also offer custom synthesis and have technical staff available to work with you on your requirements.
Noah Technologies offers 1086 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address Noah Technologies
1 Noah Park
San Antonio, TX 78249-3419, USA
Phone +1-210-691-2010
Fax +1-210-691-2600
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Sales contact Diane Milner
Homepage www.noahtech.com

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