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ATTS Chemicals LLC

ATTS is a professionally managed company with a network of independent offices & representatives at strategic locations around the globe. It maintains full-fledged offices in USA (HO),UK, UAE and India. Different specialized departments handle the Group’s multifaceted operations. Specialty Chemicals Department is the fastest growing segments within the group’s overall activities and therefore holds a prominent position. ATTS was formally incorporated in US in the year 1996. Since this time, the overall growth and expansion has indeed been significant. The driving force behind its momentum of growth is the pool of highly talented personnel including engineers, who at any given time are available on-site providing exceptional after sales & Technical assistance to clients and associate manufactures alike. With so much happening around the time zones, the group is constantly in a state of expansion and growth. ATTS therefore prefers working towards establishing long-term relationship with its client base. Keeping relationship on such plain helps ATTS in achieving a healthy scale of operation that in turn benefits its associate manufacturers /customer base through better pricing and increased profitability. ATTS believes strongly in a “zero defect” policy for all of its sales. This indeed adds to the reassurance levels of those customers, who are hesitant of doing business the first time, for lack of previous relationships.

Address ATTS Chemicals LLC
Chemicals Department
651 Rt. 73 North, Suite No 301
Marlton, New Jersey 08053, USA
Phone +1-856 810-0006
Fax +1-856 810-0021
Sales contact Mr Dilshad Ahmed

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