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GeroNova Research, Inc.,

"The Lipoic Acid Company".

GeroNova Research specializes in lipoic acid research and product development. Dedication to this unique molecule is supported by peer reviewed science, personal experience, feedback from medical specialists and our loyal customers. Lipoic Acid may be one of the most useful supplements available by positively affecting the human health-span and generating an increased sense of well-being.

Product Development

GeroNova is at the cutting edge of unique dietary supplement development, mitochondrial targeted nutrients and proprietary delivery systems. In-house expertise spans the realms of organic synthesis, pharmacology and nutraceutical product development.


We continue to invest in state-of-the-art equipment to develop the highest quality products. Adherence to stringent quality control standards insures the purity and consistency of the GeroNova product line. GeroNova provides excellent customer service and competitive pricing.


GeroNova partners with world class nutraceutical, chemical, cosmetic and product development companies and has become known as “the go to” company for anything related to lipoic acid.
Company Type: Producer
GeroNova Research, Inc., offers 23 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address GeroNova Research, Inc.,
2600 Hilltop Drive, Building B, Suite C120
Richmond, CA 94806, USA
Phone +1-775-887-4907
Fax +1-775-201-1640
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Homepage www.geronova.com

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