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Globe Fine Chemicals Holland BV

Company Type: Internat. trading company
Globe Fine Chemicals (GFC) is acting worldwide in all kinds of feed, food and pharma ingredients.

All products which are sourced are under a strict quality control and all factories are audited. As we are is GMP+ and FamiQS approved, we act according to the all the standards. (see attachment)

Our main products are: Vitamins, Amino-acids, Pharmaceuticals, Minerals, Proteins and Concentrates. Our strongest point is that we have, besides our Head office in Rotterdam, an office in China. This results in that we are able to either, ship from our own warehouses in Holland or directly from our warehouse in China by shipping full, combined or LCL (less container loads) containers. A big part of our products are sourced in China and under control of our office in Beijing. Beside the office in China we have also an office in Sao Paolo, Brazil and an office in Mexico City, Mexico. These offices focus on the sales in South - and Latin America.

So with offices in Holland, China, Brazil and Mexico we cover the worldwide markets.

Address Globe Fine Chemicals Holland BV
Laan op zuid 196-198
3071 AA Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Phone +3110 279 4400
Fax +3110 290 0386
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Homepage www.globefinechem.com

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