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Discovery is a supplier of the high-quality reagents for pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology companies in Europe, Japan and north America. We manufacture our products on a scale of 5 g to 10 kg. Discovery lab offers: intermediates and heterocyclic building blocks including derivatives with the variety of groups (- COOH, -SO2Cl, -NH2, -NH-R, -C(O)H, -Cl, -F, -Br etc. ): anilines, benzimidazoles, benzofuranes, halcones, indoles, quinolines etc. Luminophores and laser dyes based on coumarin derivatives synthesis of novel building blocks on custom basis our cooperation interests are: export of the products from our collection the outsourcing of the synthesis of known and validated compounds the outsourcing of parts of the customer's own research program discovery's staff of chemists has an expertise and facilities for accomplishing technologically complex synthetic transformations (azide synthesis, catalytic hydrogenation, cryogenic reactions, diazotation, Grignard and alkali-metal reactions, halogenation, liquid ammonia techniques, phosgenation, transition metal catalyzed transformations and others). Our products are produced under strict quality control and meet international standards and requirements.

Address Discoverylab
Shosseynaya Str., 70-2-44
109383, Moscow, Russia
Phone +7 095 518 73 79

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