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Novocherkassk Plant of Synthetic Products was founded in 1952. Today it is the largest chemical enterprise of south of Russia that is situated at 260 hectares. Novocherkassk plant of synthetic products is located 40 km from Rostov on Don - the largest transport junction of the north Caucasus.
The main product of the plant- methanol - basis of the products, that produce as at novocherkassk plant of synthetic products so at enterprises of other branches of industry: oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, electrotechnical, varnish and paint, rubber industry, aircraft industry, metallurgy, mashine-building, agriculture. The products of the plant also use in cosmetology, chemical, and food industry. Novocherkassk plant of syntetic products is the only russian enterprise which produces polyvinylpyrolydon, polymid film, etalon fuel. Including such special products as 1,4-butanediol, N-Methylpyrrolidone, alfa-Pyrrolidone gamma-Butyrolactone, SVAP pitches, seawater foaming agent.
Novocherkassk plant of syntetic products collaborates with companies from the USA, Great Britain, and European countries. Products are delivered to markets in the USA, Poland, Chech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and also Ukraina, Belorus, Kazakhstan, Moldovia, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Baltic countries. Today at the plant work 3800 people.

Address JSC, NPSP
Harkovskoe Shosse 10
Novocherkassk, 346416, Russia
Phone +7-86352 9 73 30
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