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Resoco S.A.

Chemical Products
Resoco also has a very varied range of chemicals for different industries, as well as distributors and end customers. We can offer products for the glass industry, cleaning, paper and refrigerants. Our represented

Food Industry
In RESOCO we are aware of the importance of the food industry, both for its contribution to the economic growth of the region and for its contribution to public health. For this reason, we have been characterized by offering the best options for its growth, through the sale of machinery, raw materials and general supplies of the highest quality and at a competitive price.

Construction - Cement
From gluing tiles to coating walls, the additives, although in low concentrations, are of decisive character for the good performance of the building materials. To venture into this field you need knowledge and raw material. RESOCO offers you both. From start-up formulas to laboratory tests and well-known brands for the excellent performance of the final products.

Our work is oriented to satisfy the needs and requirements of our clients, offering the right combination in technology and services in order to participate in the preservation and prolongation of human life.

Rubber and Polyurethane
We have been present since 1961 in the rubber market, providing support to the coal industry. Seeking to advance the next generation in elastomeric moldable polymers, RESOCO ventured into the

Metal Industry
Since ancient times man has made use of metals as one of the most important ingredients for its development, as the discovery of new materials has facilitated the creation of new tools and new products. The proper selection of the metals allows to achieve greater efficiencies in the production processes and to develop products that are cheaper, safer and of better quality. For this reason, Resoco has been given the task of seeking alternatives in various fields for both distributors and end customers.

Animal Nutrition
We have a wide range of raw materials for application in the veterinary industry: pharmaceutical and food.

Paints, Inks and Adhesives
The painting industry requires high quality raw materials to ensure a final product that can perform successfully under tropical conditions.

Committed to the Plastics Transformation industry, we serve specific needs and with a high degree of specialization

Resoco also has a very varied range of refrigerants for all different industries, as well as distributors and end customers.

RESOCO has a large number of high level representations in different areas, all leaders in their field, with whom we maintain a close relationship and together with those who are in the capacity to offer you the best solutions for

Address Resoco S.A.
400 mts Norte de Capris, La Uruca Freute bodegas G
San Jose, Costa Rica
Phone +506 2520-2011
Fax +506 2520-0758
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Sales contact Mr Emilio Gutiérrez

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