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LOBA Feinchemie GmbH

LOBA Feinchemie is an independent Austrian company. We manufacture a product range covers approx. 500 organic compounds (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients - cGMP, Intermediates, Analytical Reagents) available from kilo to small ton quantities. LOBA Feinchemie is specialized in upscaling, custom manufacturing and has the expertise and capability to establish the Drug Master File for API's.
The application of our products variates from health care usage to electronic industry usage (i.e. ophthalmic, rare diseases,in vitro diagnostics, diagnostics & clinical trials reagents, electronic industry, etc.)

We are a GMP facility and FDA approved Company.
Company Type: Producer
LOBA Feinchemie GmbH offers 127 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address LOBA Feinchemie GmbH
Fehrgasse 7
2401 Fischamend, Austria
Phone +43-2232-77391-0
Fax +43-2232-76677
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Sales contact Mr Michael Hanzl (Sales Manager)
Homepage www.loba.co.at

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