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Didaktalba Sh.P.K

Laboratory equipments and chemicals distributor.

- Equipment with didactic laboratories for various school subject
- Natural raw laboratories (chemistry, physics, biology, natural sciences, etc..)
- Tools for teaching elementary and preschool.
- Map on the subject of Geography and History.
- Furniture and tools for classroom or laboratory cabinets school.
- Research and Design for providing didactic and teaching laboratories for all kinds of subjects and levels of pre-university school education programs relevant textbooks:
- Design thorough cabinets and laboratories
- Definition of subject didactic standards
- Design demonstration devices and specific teaching tools
- Design guidelines for work in school classrooms and labs or teaching technical and didactic use of specific equipment and teaching aids
- Manual to help students
- Training of teachers to develop experiments and demonstrations
This supplier offers some additonal services as well.
Laboratory Instruments
We are a laboratory equipment and chemicals distributor.

Address Didaktalba Sh.P.K
Rr.K.Kristoforidhi 84
Tirana, Albania
Phone +355 69 20 75 175
Fax +355 42 225806

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