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Production of PTA to the necessary purity at large scale is a complex process, and only a few companies in the world have developed successful proprietary technology and know–how in this process. ICI plc UK acquired PTA technology in the 1960s. ICI developed this technology and applied it in its owned and licensed plants in UK, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and China. In 1998 ICI plc divested its worldwide polyester business and technology to DuPont. The technology was later sold by Dupont and is currently owned by Invista Performance Technologies (IPT). The PTA plant in Pakistan was not included in the divestment, so the Port Qasim PTA plant now operates under a technology license from IPT giving it access to the developing technology and know-how from IPT.

Address Lotte Chemical Pakistan Ltd
EZ/1/P-4, Eastern Industrial Zone, Port Qasim, PO Box 723
Karachi - 74200, Pakistan
Phone +92-(0)21 3472-6005
Fax +92-(0)21 3472-6004
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