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DSL Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

DSL Chemicals (Shanghai) was founded in 1997 initially to supply fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and API(s), including a range of derivative compounds such as Aromatic Aldehyde, Aromatic Carboxyl, Acetophenone & Derivatives, Benzophenone & Derivatives, and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient(s). You could visit our website at www.dsl-chem.com for detail information and downloading full set of Product List at Excel format or PDF format file. Our in-house, industry-specific marketing team is able to provide the latest market and product information in their respective fields of expertise.
Company Type: Producer and Supplier
DSL Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. offers 20177 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address DSL Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
1120, 409-459 Nanjing Road (E.)
Shanghai 200001, P.R.China
Phone +86 21 6352 9955
Fax +86 21 6352 9922
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Homepage www.dslchem.com

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