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BLD Pharmatech Ltd

Founded in 2014, BLD Pharmatech Ltd. is a leading supplier and manufacturer of research chemicals to pharmaceutical companies, universities, biotech companies,healthcare industries,contract research organizations etc.

With its own R&D center in Shanghai, BLD Pharmatech Ltd. main field of expertise covers the development and production of heterocycles,boronic acids, amino acids, metal catalysts and chiral compounds.BLD Pharmatech Ltd. is ISO 9001:2008 certified and all of its business activities are in strict compliance with the international quality management standards.

Our mission is to provide high-quality and innovative products to our customers. By offering a broad range of products, custom synthesis and personalized services, we can help scientists speeding up their research in the chemical and pharmaceutical field.
Company Type: Supplier
BLD Pharmatech Ltd offers competitive chemical products.

Address BLD Pharmatech Ltd
488 Taoqiao Road, Building 5, 5F, HuiNan Town, Pudong New Area
Shanghai, P.R.China
Phone +86-21-61629022
Fax +86-21-50201702
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Sales contact Sales Dept.
Homepage www.bldpharm.com

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