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Ciech SA capital group includes 30 domestic and foreign companies. The companies of the group carry various economic activities: production, trade, services, distribution and financial services. All of the companies have one common strategy although they are managed as separate entities. The strategy is aimed at creating a strong economic organisation capable of competing on the domestic and international market. The long-term plan involves many investments, where Ciech SA actively plays the role of the investor. The plan also covers expansion and strengthening of polish distribution network as well as finishing many projects started in the previous years. Sub-companies completely owned by Ciech SA are Dimco - Ciech group sp. Z o. O.

Address Ciech S.A.
Ul. Powazkowska 46/50
Warsaw, Poland
Phone +48-22 210 58 00
Fax +48-22 380 36 85
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Sales contact Ms Anna Luczynska

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