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Beijing Century Richap Chemistry Co., Ltd.

Company Type: Bulk chemical producer
Beijing Century Richap Chemicals Co., Ltd. is one of the strong chemical companies in China in the field of organic intermediates of manufacturing, marketing and distributing for the fine and specialty chemicals.

Beijing Century Richap Chemistry Co.,Ltd is the sharholder of Lianyungang Richap Plant, Taicang Richap No.1 plant and Taicang Richap No.2 plant. They are ISO9001:2000,ISO14001 certificate enterprises. With the support of our Beijing Richap R&D, and R&D located in Beijing Institute of Technology, and the group inside our plants, we can improve our process to cut down the cost and discuss and do the Custom Synthesis and Toll manufacturing in economic basis for the customers.

We have our own know-how specially in Chlorosulfonic reaction, Acetylation, Acid Chloride, Carboxylation,Esterification, Etherfication, and Oxidation.

Our aim is to provide our customer good service, matching their needs. We are fully to offer our customer all details of products, such as MSDS, Specification, Certificate of Analysis.

Our Products range :

  • Flourescent Brightening agent & its intermediates

  • Aromatic Acid Derivatives

  • Aromatic Aldehyde

  • Biphenyl Derivatives Series

  • Other pharmaceutical intermediates & Fine Chemicals

  • Other Fine Chemicals

  • New Developed Pharmaceutical & Intermediates

We would like to do more for you--my valued customers!

INFORMEX USA 2013, Feb., 20-22, Stand 1359
CAC'2013, Feb.,26-28, Stand No.: 2G12a
ChemSpec India 2013 Apr.,11-12, Stand D20
ChemSpec Europe, Jun,05-06,Stand 4E9
CPHI Shanghai 2013,June 25-27,Stand E5C02
Beijing Century Richap Chemistry Co., Ltd. offers 77 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address Beijing Century Richap Chemistry Co., Ltd.
Rm.1903,Hengrun International Mansion, No.32, North 3rd Ring West Road
Haidian District, Beijing, 100086, P.R.China
Phone +86-10-8210 2332 / 64455497
Fax +86-10-64455595
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Sales contact Ms Julia Liu
Homepage www.richapchem.com www.richapchem.cn

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