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Crown Chemical

Crown Chemical Ltd, established in 1997 is a leading chemical production company and continues to lead the industry with ongoing innovation and expansion of its products and technology to meet the growing business complexities of our partners and consumers.

Under the leadership of Crown Chemicals founder, we saw a larger opportunity emerging from recently independent country and the growing number of companies and consumers in Armenia that there was a need to provide and manufacture chemicals to satisfy the overflowing needs of the country and consumers.

We recognized early on that Armenia and its consumers needed more than imported brands that what was available in current market, they needed products with higher quality and moderate prices, so the company had to produce and deliver from start to finish those products much more quickly and efficiently than competition.

Address Crown Chemical
Str. Tpagrichneri 9/35, 36
Yerevan, 375010, Armenia
Phone +37410 24 01 95
Fax +37410 23 24 98
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