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Perm Chemical Company

Permсhemical Company LLC was established in 2002 on the basis of the asset complex of the former bankrupt enterprise OJSC “Iodobrom” (Perm city). The company was renamed as Permсhemical Company LLC in 2005.
The main areas of our activities are commercial manufacture of fine and specialized chemical products; development and scaling up of chemical technologies; research in the field of fluoroorganic compounds, interphase transfer catalysts, customized manufacture of products.
Our products - fluorinated aromatic and aliphatic compounds, halogenated fluorinated compounds, organosilicon and organometallic compounds - are intended for microelectronics (electronic gases), synthesis of pharmaceutical drugs (intermediates and final substances), plant protection products, laboratory research, improvements of the properties of synthetic resins, rubber, plastics.

Address Perm Chemical Company
Voronezskaya Str., 56
Perm, Russia
Phone +7 342 251 7749
Fax +7 342 251 7749

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