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Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry

Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry (IPO) is a leading research and development center of more than 60-year- long tradition. It carries out research concerning national defence, state services, chemical and manufacturing process safety as well as work for the agriculture including: production technology for plant protection agents, elaboration of effective and safe application of plant protection agents in arviculture and pomiculture. IPO elaborates and implements preparations for insect control in animal farming and sanitary hygiene, auxiliary products for pharmacy, household chemistry, paper and tanning industry.

More than 300 production technologies have been elaborated and implemented concerning arviculture, pomiculture, animal farming and sanitary hygiene. The research results in new plant protection agents for pathogen and pest control, and weed killing.

Address Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry
Annopol 6
Warsaw, Poland
Phone +48 22 811 12 31
Fax +48 22 811 07 99
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