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FEW Chemicals GmbH

Company Type: Bulk chemical producer
FEW Chemicals in its current legal structure has been founded in the year 1997. We are an independent and owner-managed company in the specialty & fine chemicals market. FEW Chemicals roots go back to the Filmfabrik Wolfen founded in 1909 by Aktien-Gesellschaft für Anilin-Fabrikation (Agfa).
From 1997 until 2017 the business was managed by Dr Heinz Mustroph and Monika Zschuppe. Ownership was transferred to Frank Lerch and Dr Kai Licha with effective date Jan 1st, 2018.

FEW Chemicals in the year 2018
FEW Chemicals has a workforce of almost 50 people in the areas Innovation, Production and Administration. Majority of our turnover is generated with new products and solutions developed by our own Research & Development team and in co-operation with our customers. Our aim is to continue as an innovation-driven company also in future to secure stable and positive development of FEW Chemicals.

We strongly invest in Science, Research & Development to launch innovative specialties to the market. More than 50 % of our highly-qualified employees are working in the areas Innovation, Customer Service and Quality Management to develop new products and system solutions. Together with industrial partners and scientific institutes we can help our partners to find the best products for the markets of today and for the future. Within exclusive partnerships we are working on new materials for future technologies.
Our production is sufficiently equipped to manage batch sizes from a few grams up to tonnes scale. We are certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 standards and work in accordance to the EU regulations 1907/2006 (REACH) and 1272/2008 (GHS/CLP). A high level in safety and environmental protection is a central driver in our daily work.
Our markets are global – we serve our customers worldwide with our standard products or with specialties developed on request or in an exclusive partnership.

Address FEW Chemicals GmbH
Chemiepark Areal A
Technikumstrasse 1, ChemiePark Bitterfeld-Wolfen
D-06766 Bitterfeld-Wolfen / OT Wolfen, Germany
Phone +49 - 3494 666 2250
Fax +49 - 3494 666 2296
Sales contact Sales & Logistics Department

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