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Goldmann was founded in 1919 as a family-owned trading company for ceramic raw materials in Bielefeld, Germany. Today the main fields of commercial activity of our Chemicals department are Fine Chemicals, Functional Chemicals and Agricultural Chemicals.
Our Fine Chemicals portfolio consists of well determined agents, high-purity solvents and building blocks for synthesis. We have our own line of selective reducing agents, specialty metal salts, high-purity complexing agents and an offer of difficult-to-find intermediates for flavors and fragrances. Our technical expertise is clearly dedicated to superior functional performance and customer’s desire for high and consistent quality.
With our Functional Chemicals we provide qualified raw materials to a diversified range of sophisticated technical applications. The focus of our individual product lines is on flame retardants, textile and paper auxiliaries as well as ceramics and catalytic applications. On this basis we enable access to enhanced performance and offer valuable technical support for your application.
The Agricultural Chemicals branch provides fully chelated trace elements and PK mixtures for fertilizer and biogas applications. We offer tailored product solutions based on expertise, experience and a range of high quality raw materials. Our biogas and feed additives provide an optimal supplement fulfilling HACCP criteria.

S. Goldmann GmbH & Co KG offers 192 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address S. Goldmann GmbH & Co KG
Schillerstraße 79
33609 Bielefeld, Germany
Phone +49-(0)521-93 278 0
Fax +49-(0)521-93 278 25
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