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Salsbury Chemicals, Inc.

Salsbury Chemicals, Inc.
1205 11th St.
Charles City, IA, 50616, USA


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For many of us sourcing specialty research chemical is time consuming and daunting task. We specialize in Chemical Sourcing and procurement which can optimize your purchasing process for specialty chemical. Additionally, we will evaluate and process your custom synthesis requests to known and reliable suppliers.

Benefits of Sourcing with US :
• Access to resources : Access to multiple search engines along with Supplier databases.Additionally, we provide access to Sci-Finder, ACD database, and other sourcing tools.
• Virtual Procurement Center for companies outside of US. We will be your point of contact with a dedicated manpower to make your sourcing process less time consuming and smooth.
• Automation for a bulk quotation based on available information and from the approved supplier and feedback.
• Expert Guidance : The sourcing will be done under the expert supervision.
• Prepared evaluation sheet for choosing best supplier.
• Quick response within 24Hrs.

Logistic Support :

With procurement, we will also provide dedicated logistic support for clients outside of USA.
• Cost saving in Shipping Fees
• Support for Customs clearance during imports and exports along with dedicated customer service support.
• Real time tracking of shipments and orders. Smooth customs clearance to avoid delays in logistics.
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