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2-Octyl cyanoacetate

is a Star Product of
China Synchem Technology Co., Ltd.

China Synchem Technology Co., Ltd.

General information
Registration name: 2-Octyl cyanoacetate
Other product names:
2-Octyl cyanoacetate (2-OCYA)
Octan-2-yl 2-cyanoacetate
Cyanoacetic acid 1-methylheptyl ester
CAS number 52688-08-1 Structure
Formula: C11H19NO2

Detailed information on the Star Product
Purity:97.8%min (GC)
Acidity:500ppm max(could be according to customer's request)
Packeging : 200kg per drum
Available in commercial quantity

Information on the supplier

China Synchem Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in Sep. 2010 and became operational in Jun. 2011
Located in the International Service Outsourcing Demonstration Base in Bengbu city of Anhui province, with 39000 square meter of production space and 600 square meter of laboratory
180 empolyees, 30 of which are well-trained chemists or engineer.
Synchem is dedicated to custom synthesis and manufacturing services for small molecules. We serve the needs of customers in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and electrical material industries with top quality products and service.

AddressChina Synchem Technology Co., Ltd.
Marketing Department
No.217, Da Qing Road,
Bengbu,Anhui, 233000,
Phone +86-552-4929304
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