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Custom manufacturing

We are a Contract Manufacturer for Micronizing, Milling, Mixing, Sieving, Granulation, Production of flakes & Drying.
We are a leading custom specialty chemical manufacturer specializing in unusal amino acid, peptide , API ,organic intermediat
30 years experience in handling difficult chemistry with 1800 liters pilot plant capability and access to 60 CBM reactors
BCN Peptides is a leading Custom Peptide Manufacturer, specialized in the Solid Phase Synthesis Technology.
We can provide custom manufacturing, R&D and Organic Synthesis services to the Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Chemicals Industry
We have possibilities to make blends of (in)organic chemicals and pack them in polycans, polydrums or IBC
We offer custom manufacturing including process development and scale up through to full commercial production.
We are a leading custom specialty chemical manufacturer spcializing in Acetylacetonates
At Capot, We can synthesize and purify your complex molecules from 100gram to 10 tons.
We are specialized in contract research and manufacture of intermediates, APIs and Highly Potent APIs.
We are a leading custom specialty chemical manufacturer specializing in Thiol chemistry.
Amino acids & derivatives; Chiral products & other pharmaceutical internediates
We publish two different libraries of rare real compounds for bioscreening and combinatorial chemistry
We provide custom synthesis and cGMP manufacturing services to pharmaceutical, biotech, and other clients
We are a leading custom manufacturer specializing in silane & silicone compounds.
Novasep Synthesis can produce APIs and intermediates with shorter routes by using its specific centers of competences.
Check with us, we can make your compound - fine organic chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates.
We are a leading custom specialty chemical manufacturer.
We do customer synthesis from mg to MT
We are a leading custom specialty chemical manufacturer specializing in R-lipoic acid salt forms & R-dihydrolipoic acid.
We are a leading custom speciality chemical manufacturer specializing in manufacturing corticosteroids.
Our main busines includes custom manufacturing and co-developing new chemicals under signing secret agreements.
Custom manufacturing: extractions, blood-fractionation, purifications from animal and plant tissue under GMP conditions
We have very close partnerships with custom synthesizers specializing in new and rare molecules
We are specialized in upscaling, custom manufacturing and has the expertise and capability to establish the Drug Master File for API's.
Organica Feinchemie GmbH Wolfen is a fine chemical company, specialized in hazardous, safety-critical chemical reactions.
We are a leading custom specialty chemical manufacturer with good after service. Please visit our website for more info.
We are a leading custom specialty chemical manufacturer specializing in spec chemistry.
We are providing project management, custom manufacturing and sourcing services to the chemical and life sciences industries.
We offer custom manufacturing in addition to our established product line, e.g. Specialty Enzymes or Biosubstances
We provide to customers a wide range of services in organic synthesis, custom manufacturing, and the production of bulk pharmaceutical actives.
Manufacturing pharmaceutical intermediates and starting materials.
We are a leading custom manufacturer for blending, repackaging, solution, crystal ,granular and powder in chemical line.
We supply neoprene rubber CR244/CR232;Rubber Antioxidant IPPD/6PPD;SN232/SN321/SN240T/SN244/SN243/SN241/SN242;SBR1500/SBR1712
Services available: Custom Blending (Powders), Grinding/Crushing, Screening/Size Classification,Custom Packaging
We are Chinese supplier specializing in developing, producing and handing raw pharmaceutical material and intermediates.
Medicinal chemistry scaffold and building blocks, reference compounds, assay standards, and metabolites
We manufacture halogen compounds, piperazines, imidazoles, pyrimidines, piperidine, quinolines and derivatives
USB supplies complete antibody production services. Need a conjugate fast? Biotin, FITC, etc...in less than 5 days!
We offer custom manufacturing on phosgenisation
We are a leading custom specialty chemical manufacturer with plant in Wuhan, China.
Since starting in 2007, Win-Win chemical has always offered our customers commercially unavailable materials.
We can undertake custom manufacturing and development projects for chiral fine chemicals that fit our diverse technology base in organic synthesis and
Hisunny chemical promotes with new products development programs in the process of lab test, pilot until to industrial scale
We are a leading custom specialty chemical manufacturer specializing in Thiol chemistry.
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