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Contract Research and Development

Contract Manufacturing - Finished Goods, Biologics, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, USA,1-800-240-1043 or 1-847-938-8524
Our Peptide CRO services include peptide APIs, synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry , library design synthesis,and so on.
We offer to develop synthesis with immediate upscale to pilot production. Our talents are hydrogenations, azids, cyanides ...
Our service covers contract research including the development of new and efficient synthetic routes, product synthesis on lab scale
We are specialized in contract research and manufacture of intermediates, APIs and Highly Potent APIs.
We offer contract research in porphyrines and other heterocyclic compounds.
Our Focus is on Success at Each Stage of Development.CLEARSYNTH efforts focus from the preclinical stage through to phase III
We offer co-development and contract manufacturing services.
We offer contract research and development in silane & silicone compounds.
Novasep Synthesis includes several sites offering Research & Development & Custom synthesis.
We offer contract research and development for new molecule discovery and process technology.
We offer contract research in lipoic acid and lipoic acid related compounds.
We offer contract research in corticosteroid and other chemicals.
We offer a full range of services in custom organic synthesis.
We offer contract research in imazole and other heterocyclic compounds.
We offer contract research in orgaometallic reagents and Grignard reagents.
Our FTE-based projects focus on the process chemistry to aid pharmaceutical process research and development efforts.
We offer contract reserach in chemical synthesis compounds and plant extract material for public health.
of chemical processes for the synthesis of preclinical materials, improvement of existing chemical processes
We are specialised in Fine Chemicals and Intermediates for various Industries. We develop intermediates on request.
We offer contract research in aromatic and heterocyclic compounds.
A highly skilled team of chemists is able to develop multi-step procedures from laboratory to pilot plant scale
We offer contract research halogen compounds Piperazines Imidazoles Pyrimidines Piperidine Quinolines Aldehydes Furfuran
We offer contact research in pharmaceutical intermediates, professional in heterocyclic/chiral compounds and fatty acids.
USB can supply custom Antibodies, Enzymes, Proteins, Recombinants...just email to inquire.
We offer contract research aromatic fluoride compounds,heterocyclic compounds,Organosilicone and difficult-to-make chiral etc
The main focus of our activities is the labscale custom synthesis of organic building blocks and of isotope labeled compounds
We offer contract research in porphyrines and other heterocyclic compounds.
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