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Caesar & Loretz GmbH

Methylcellulose (nominal viscosity 400 mPa s)

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Information on Caesar & Loretz GmbH
Our assortment of products contains approximately 1,100 raw materials (pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and technical grades) in more than 3,000 quantity units in our standard assortment and many special sizes.

In addition we offer contract manufacturing for liquids, semi-solid forms, powders and teas – as finished products or premixes.

Our quality guidelines are based on the following standards:
• EU GMP guidelines (good manufacturing practice)
• German Pharmaceuticals Act (AMG)
• Regulation for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and APIs (AMWHV)
• EC guidelines
• National and international pharmacopoeias
• Cosmetics regulation (KosmetikV)
• Foods, Consumer Goods and Feedstuffs Code (LFGB)
• Dietary supplement regulations (NemV)

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Methylcellulose (nominal viscosity 400 mPa s) is offered by other companies
AK Scientific, Inc.
AK Scientific provides fine chemicals and advanced intermediates to our customers worldwide. Currently, we have over 16.000 in stock, ready to ship products, at our California warehouse and this number is increasing weekly. All these products are" ....
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