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Puyer (Nantong) BioPharma Co., Ltd.

Puyer is a Hi-Tech Company established in 2002. Our company is engaged in R&D, custom synthesis and scale-up production of Fine Chemicals, Intermediates, Amino Acids and Derivatives, Hormones, Peptide and Reagents. We have experienced team engaging in organic synthesis and have our own professional laboratory and pilot scale factory.
Puyer has established strong and long term business relationships with many top companies in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific. We are never ending develop of new products and technology. We have the internal strength of our own R&D.W e are seller and buyer at the same time to create the mutual benefit. While exporting the products, we are also selectively importing the technology and products which are benefit and helpful for the development of chemicals and pharmaceuticals in China. Puyer’s goal is to build long term relationships with customers by providing consistently high quality products, dependable service and on-time delivery at highly competitive prices.
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Puyer (Nantong) BioPharma Co., Ltd. offers 1584 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address Puyer (Nantong) BioPharma Co., Ltd.
Bldg 2,No.58,Chongchuan Road
Nantong, P.R.China
Phone +86 513 89157626 / +86 18014398918
Fax +86 513 89158198
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Sales contact Mr Wang Yan, Sales Manager
Homepage www.puyerbiopharma.com

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