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Cangzhou Goldlion Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Company Type: Producer
Cangzhou Goldlion Chemicals Co.,Ltd is located in Cangzhou city, the chemical and industrial city of Hebei Province, China. Jingfu expressway and Jinghu expressway run through the city, Shuohuang railway and Shigang expressway is near at hand. The corporation is to the west of Huanghua port and to the south of Tianjin port. The traffic position is predominant.

The main business in our corporation is to exploit and develop the domestic and international markets, together with manufacture and scientific research, which is the window abroad and friendly cooperator of legion of excellent manufacturers both at home and abroad and keep friendly and consanguineous cooperation relationship for many years.
Our corporation can supply the top-ranking products and the best knight sarvices to all the customers in the world , which is also the indispensable key bridge for a good many of business cooperation and project cooperation both at home and abroad and devoted to this for many years and enjoys good reputation in the domestic and international business circles.

Our corporation is specialized in supplying fine chemicals, bulk pharmaceuticals , pharmaceutical intermediates, pipes and fittings. Our Chemicals such as glyoxylic acid, glyoxal, allantoin , oxalic acid , choline chloride, leflunomide, epalrestat, glimepiride, etc has the supreme predominance as well as pipes such as spiral-welding, straight-seam welded pipes and seamless pipes in China . Besides , our company is also contracted with foreign affairs’ business such as Int’l shipping, project introduction, foreign investment cooperation, etc..
We follow the international trade tradition all the time, persists in the policy that “Credit Standing Is The First, Customer Is Supreme, Mutual Benefit And Win Together, Innovation And Development”. We can supply the most excellent products and the supreme knight sarvices for the customers by means of self-support, agency, tender, joint venture and cooperation,etc, continuously deepen and enlarge the cooperation with all the friends both at home and abroad to realize the corporation’s industrialization, internationalization and collectivization.

Our corporation pay attention to build and develop cooperation with the friends in business circles, financial circles and industralization circles of all the countries and areas in the world and develop together to promote the friendship and cooperation with all the friends in the same circle of the world.
Cangzhou Goldlion International Co.,Ltd is willing to walk with you together hand in hand, striving to realize the common goal and long-term layout and create the brilliant future together.
Take Up With Goldlion And You Gain The Friend And Future !
Choose Goldlion And You Choose The Credit And Success !
Cangzhou Goldlion Chemicals Co., Ltd. offers 123 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address Cangzhou Goldlion Chemicals Co., Ltd.
2201-A-1, Jinding Manor
Cangzhou City, Hebei Province 061001, P.R.China
Phone +86-13315721466 / +86-317-5304268
Fax +86-317-5304268 / 3201448
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Sales contact Victorlee
Homepage www.goldlionchem.com

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