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Su-Heung Capsule Co., Ltd

Over the past 30 years, Su-Heung has been working very hard in producing and exporting the world top quality capsules which feature special Locking system and uniform moisture content as well as B.S.E-free capsules made of 100% Cow hid gelatin /100% Pig skin gelatin as well as HPMC (Vegetable). Su-Heung's goal is to fully satisfy customers by providing better capsules through complete Q.A. system under fully automated ultra-modern cGMP plant. Your visit to Su-Heung's booth in Brussel would be most welcome.

Address Su-Heung Capsule Co., Ltd
2nd Fl., Jung-an B/D 435-5, Chang-an 3dong, Tongdaemun-Ku
Seoul, 130-845, South Korea
Phone +82 2 2210 8177
Fax +82 2 2217 2356
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Homepage www.suheung.com

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