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IMI TAMI Institute For Research & Development Ltd

IMI TAMI is a private company and the largest industrial chemistry research and development centre in Israel and a member of ICL (Israel Chemicals Ltd.) Industrial Products Group. IMI TAMI is ICL corporate R&D center and also undertakes projects for other chemical and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.
IMI TAMI has created a state-of-the-art campus with advanced research, analytical and testing laboratories, GMP compliant facilities, a modern mini-pilot and pilot plants for process development and small scale production.
IMI TAMI focuses on six categories of activity:
* R&D for ICL companies in the fields of fire retardants, organic intermediates, biocides, fertilizers, oil field chemicals, ore benefication and extraction processes. These products are frequently based on bromine, potash, phosphoric acid and magnesium.
* CUSTOM R&D, process development and small scale production. Such projects are related to development of novel processes for pharma and agro intermediates, including chiral compounds, advanced materials and waste water treatment.
* R&D and BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT of projects based on innovative and novel technologies either initiated by the IMI TAMI researchers or acquired from local academic institutions and technical incubators.
* ANALYTICAL and TESTING SERVICES - including Biocide, Microbiology, Corrosion and Plastics Applicative Laboratories are ISO 17025 certified and provide advanced services in a wide range of tests including for registration support. The QC Pharma and the Biocides Laboratories are GLP approved and carry out analytical, microbiological and stability studies in a wide range of applications.
* MANUFACTURING SERVICES - The flexibility of IMI TAMI pilot and small scale manufacturing facilities enable us to offer custom manufacture of high value materials also under cGMP guidelines.
* WATER and WASTE TREATMENT - Survey, characterization and analysis of industrial waste streams, evaluation of recycling and neutralization technologies, biological treatment, physico-chemical treatments (including evaporation, membrane technology, solvent extraction, absorption, flocculation/coagulation, crystallization), desalination, biodegradation of chemicals, evaluation of biocidal efficacy and microbiology are just a part of IMI TAMI activities in this sector.
IMI TAMI prides itself on its compact dedicated team of researchers who cooperate on a cross-disciplinary basis as required to develop a project from its conception as "paper chemistry" all the way to the stage where it can be implemented on a full-scale industrial level. IMI TAMI has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 approval from the Standards Institution of Israel.

Quality Control:
1. ISO-9001
2. CGMP/QSR operations
3. ISO-14001
4. ISO/IEC 17025
5. GLP Studies
Company Type:
IMI TAMI Institute For Research & Development Ltd offers 23 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address IMI TAMI Institute For Research & Development Ltd
P.O.Box: 10140
Haifa Bay, 26111, Israel
Phone +972 4 8469550 / 8469521
Fax +972 4 8450078
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Homepage www.tami-imi.com

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