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Dipharma Spa

Dipharma with DIPHARMA FRANCIS is highlighted on the market as one of the major Italian players in the field of Bulk Pharmaceutical Active Ingredients with a turnover of 70 MUSD and a port-folio of more than 40 Active Ingredients (DMFs lodged worldwide) and Intermediates. Three plant sites FDA inspected and ISO 9002 certified with 700 cubic metres total capacity. Fully equipped R&D Centre. Two pilot plants fully complying with cGMPs. Core technologies are Nitration, Grignards, Hydrogenations, Organometallics, Azidation and Chiral chemistry.

Address Dipharma Spa
via XXIV Maggio, 40
Mereto Di Tomba, 33036, Italy
Phone +39 0432 866811
Fax +39 0432 865800
Homepage www.dipharma.com

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