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Birch World Ltd.

Birch World is the main manufacturer of a pure substance Betulin in Russia. Directions of the Company activity are: - complex processing of birch bark, isolation of its main triterpenoid compound Betulin and other minor components of the bark; - production of Betulin and Betulinic acid for commersial purposes; - scientific researches, seach for new application of Betulin; - development and manufacture of new biologically active additives, cosmetics and drugs with use of Betulin. Birch World manufactures: Substance ""Birch bark dry extract"", ""Dry Betulin extraction"" 70%, 80%, 90% purity; Various biologically active food supplements and cosmetics.

Address Birch World Ltd.
125 Varshavskoe Shosse Str.
Moscow, 117405, Russia
Phone +7 (495) 785 - 92 - 92
Fax +7 (495) 785 - 92 - 92
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Homepage www.birchworld.ru

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