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U.S. Petrochemical Industries, Inc.

US Petrochemical is a Texas Corporation started in 1987 and now operates in more than 30 countries and has offices in several. Our global experience of operating in niche markets to demanding customers worldwide in meeting their raw material requirements is beneficial to both the customer and the manufacturer. Our logistical experience of providing on time delivery at cutting edge price adds value to manufacturers products and adds competitive edge to the customers raw material purchasing.

US Petrochemical is a world leader in providing high quality products at cutting edge prices to customers worldwide. US Petrochemical is involved the manufacturing and trading of chemicals on a worldwide basis.
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U.S. Petrochemical Industries, Inc. offers 23 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address U.S. Petrochemical Industries, Inc.
5075 Westheimer Rd., Suite 675
Houston, TX 77056, USA
Phone +1-713-871-1951
Fax +1-713-871-1963
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